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Tim Chillingworth (Faster Pussycat) came to us with a idea for a restaurant - And a name.


Not just a name, a great name. To make a long story short, this brand was built for success. Witin 6 months this brand entered Iconic status. Regularly hitting the SMH's coolest places to dine list, and go-to venue for visiting bands and hipsters, Bovine & Swine, isn't just a Restaurant, it's a act and a brand.


OK, we're not going to lie to you. Rockerfella was barely INVOLVED with a lot of the application of the brand. The boys themselves applied it to the boxes, Sauces and a few other things.


Whilst simply plopping a brand on all your collaterial is not always a great strategy it does prove that a brand is a great brand when you can.


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