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Porkers Tee
Scotty Baker Tees
The Porkers Bunch of Randoms Tee
Porkers Devil's 3-way Tour
Mikelangelo Poster
Voodoo Rhythm Shaker Tee
Mikelangelo Best-of Tour Poster
Porkers Hot Dog Daquiri 20 year Release
Sam Martin + the Sundowners Merch
Rufino and the Coconuts 2020 Tour Poster
Michael Simic Poster
Sam Martin + the Sundowners Logo
Sam Martin + the Sundowners Merch
Voodoo Rhythm Shakers Logo
Michael Simic Poster
Michael Simic Single cover
Voodoo Rhythm Shakers Drum Skin
Michael Simic Album Cover
Voodoo Rhythm Shakers CD
Radley Records
Voodoo Rhythm Shakers Tee
Mikelangelo Poster
Sam's Caravan Livery
Scotty Baker Tee (modelled by Bernie Dexter!)
Porkers Tee
Scotty Baker Tee
Michael Simic Aust Music Poster
Porkers CD Deck
Rufino and the Coconuts 2022 Tour Poster
Porkers Bunch of Randoms Tee
Scotty Baker Tee
Born in the Snowys Identity
Michael Simic/Jerikye Williams Poster
Scotty Baker Tee
Sam's Caravan Logo
Porkers Bunch of Randoms Tee
Porkers Bunch of Randoms Coasters
Scotty Baker Website
Michael Simic Dark Moon Tee
Porkers Xmas Tee
Lucy Ridge Logo
Michael Simic Poster


For us, music and graphics go hand-in-hand: hand-in-glove; cheek-by-jowl and other metaphors too.

Ever since the 1970s when music became a visual as-much-as an aural art-form, art-directors and designers have been developing a visual language/grammar for music, which has become an art-form in itself.

We LOVE working with fellow-committed artists, and bashing together a whole visual language that crystallises melodies, riffs; back-beats and rumbling basses into a visual form.

We have worked with artists such as: Hot Rod Walt (US); Mach Pelican; Scotty Baker; The Porkers; Rufino and the Coconuts, Sam Martin/Sam's Caravan; Michael Simic (Mikelangelo), The Voodoo Rhythm Shakers; The Flat Earth and Lucy Ridge & The Derby Widows.

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