Dear Everybody.

As many of you know, I’ve been trying to bash this baby into shape for a number of years, but due to a number of factors (both excellent and bad), Rockerfella Industries just isn’t paying for itself over the ever-diminishing time I have to spend on it.

Therefore I’ll be in the process of closing it down between now and about May/June.

I’ll complete any jobs I’ve promised but will be focusing head-on with the AMAZING on-going and ever-increasing design opportunities in my role as Creative Coordinator at Perisher, which is fulfilling me both creatively and financially.

To my clients, I’ll have all your work archived and will help you out any way I can in the future - but bear with me!

There are so many people I have to thank along the way (too many to thank here) - but it’s been a blast!

In the future I’ll keep my Instagram page open to show-off all the goings-on at Perisher Resort (and a bit of other cool stuff I have up my sleeve) for anybody who’s interested.

Love, peace and chicken grease, Simon