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Eye. Heart. Mind. Three Hour (or so) Branding Seminar
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Many many years ago in what now seems like a previous life, way back in the early 1990s (to about 2009) Simon Blazey (me) - As well as a being a Senior Designer was a Senior Lecturer (at the Sydney Graphics College; The Computer Graphics College and NSW College of Fine Arts).

I was also very very lucky. I was lucky to rub-shoulders with some of the most amazing - and most accomplished - Creative minds working in the Sydney industry at the time, many of which became friends (and bosses) and some of whom became genuine mentors.

One such mentor was (the late and sorely missed) Paul Priday. Not just a creative genius, but one of the nicest blokes I have ever met. I miss Paul a lot and I think of him almost daily as I - literally - go about my business.

Together we wrote and presented two Illuminating lectures to Design students and Industry: One on Visual Wit - and one on the power of HUGELY effective Branding - Which I have put together into one seminar: EYE. HEART. MIND.

With a slight introduction (but the fundamentals) of Semiotics/Semiology, all makes for a pretty thorough 3 hour study on the subject on how visual communication actually works.

I honestly believe that this in genuinely important subject matter and at the end of the day: Will seriously make a big difference to anyone trying to grasp how to give their shop; product or service its best shot in life - and GENUINELY make you re-evaluate what you do, and how you go about doing it. ESPECIALLY if you don’t have a marketing budget or team to hide behind, and allowing your brand to do the heavy-lifting.

Apart from all that, it’s pretty funny, Involving the wit and wisdom of: Graham Rendoth, Lawrence Hanley, Annette Harcus, Mario Milostic, Julian Canny, Andy McKeon, Andrew Lewis, James de Vries, and many other geniuses who I make SERIOUS examples of….

Any way the point being: I am available to present: EYE. HEART. MIND. to Businesses, Business Groups and Schools pretty-much anywhere! 

Email me for more information.

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