Every experience you have with a brand is by definition a 'Brand Experience' - But this is never truer than when you run a Cafe, Restaurant or Retail Shop, as you are also responsible for its framework, and has to work in tandem - perfectly - with your product


This is not just the art of 'Interior' design.


Wisdom states that the Signage; Artwork, Menu-systems; Table numbers; Choice of crockery; Fittings; Lighting; Murals; Promotional Material; Uniforms; Choice of music; Choice of décor - and even smells, all need to work-in-harness to create a memorable and impressionabe brand experience.


Rockerfella has been lucky to work with clients, builders and remarkable architects to work on a handful of interior brand experiences.

OK. Technically Rockerfella didn't design the fit-out for Yama Bar (Perisher). Well we DID!  - BUT I was on the pay-roll of Perisher/Vail Resorts at the time, so I cannot claim to have any creative ownership.

This is why it is hidden down here at the bottom of the page!

But it was my vision, my roll-out and my fit-out, on a shoe-string budget. And I am EXTREMELY proud of this concept. Rightly-so, Perisher has full copyright of this brand.