Consider the fact that Graphics are a lot like Music

And there are two types of practitioners:

Some acts have a support crew of dozens, pumping out slick and streamlined electronically-produced stuff, that fits into a insipid and over-saturated genre; employing visual effects to distract you from the actual message; catering for the masses; barely discernible from the next act; driven by sales and adulation, with no intellectual depth beyond the superficial; with barely any evidence of the actual craft of music on-show, in reality, doing not much for a lot of money.


THEN you have the very, very devoted driven few: found hard-at-it at 1am plying their craft with meaning and purpose to a smaller (but equally ardent) audience; raising a sweat on their brow and earning calluses from their strings - working around and within with the original roots and foundations of their art-form, and paying homage to their heroes; creating work that contains a natural, rounded human tone - playing right to your senses.


This is of course where the real boundaries are pushed - that eventually the mainstream will emulate, when it's all too late, and fortune has already favoured the risk-takers.


Since 1999, Rockerfella Industries have been the design equivalent of the latter - creating music to your eyes!