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If you think the field of visual communication is just about drawing pretty pictures, you are very much mistaken. The bond between a human and a brand is both immeasurable and invaluable, and this brand-loyalty is a lifeblood to your product or service.

Utilising the art of visual communication enables your product or service to be noticed, embraced, and ultimately promoted by the market you desire to appeal to - and equally as important: completely elude the market you do not. (Old saying: Most brands don't aim too high and miss, they aim too low and hit).

We do this by dog-whistling (the art of speaking a (visual) language only some can hear) so your brand can be heard clearly and more efficiently than expensive spray-and-pray/stab-in-the-dark forms of marketing.

Branding can also be the art of making small brands seem large and established - and conversely: make massive brands seem small, boutique and hand-crafted (Jack Daniels/Helgas Bread anybody?), but it is also the science of getting cut-through solely on visual and verbal merit.

People do respond to excellent branding, people are drawn to well-considered brands, and people do engage with brands and brand messaging that engage with them [and equally: dismiss the brands that don't] and they do all the above subconsciously. Because the brands you associate with, define and frame you as a citizen of today's world.

If we told you five brands a person totally unknown to you embraces - be they clothing, cars, shops, beers or any lifestyle product you care to name - you could get a mental picture of that person, and be 99% accurate in your summation.

We know this because we have studied [and in our case lectured] this in-depth, and are well-versed in the subliminal art/science of semiology to ensure we strike the right nerve, and get the synapses firing.

If YOUR product is in need of a brand - or of a brand re-think/rejuvenation, click here to read how we go about our business, and see some of our work.

BUT we can't lie. SOMETIMES design is about pretty pictures. Sometimes.

Jindabyne Brewing Logo
Pinfest 2017
Beaten Speed Shop
Trader Joes Logo
Murrays 2IPA Tiki
Pinfest 2016
Bovine + Swine
Murray's Rock around the Clock Bock
Big Earles!

For a full low-down of who Rockerfella Industries/Simon Blazey (Dip. Graphic Design; Bachelor of Design (BDes.) and Grad Dip (Multi-media)), was [and still IS] download a full Resumé here. There are some lovely people who say some lovey things about me.

I AM sometimes open to part-time job-offers and secondments within the design field(s) or client-side. Previous secondments include: Karina Wood Design; Big Picture Design (Columbia Tristar/Universal Pictures); Perisher Ski Resort; Documenta; Harcus Design; Whybin Lawrence TBWA; CK Architecture Australia; Bulldozer Advertising; Stöckl Signs and Sacred Ride.

As a Senior Lecturer: I have lectured at The Sydney Graphics College; Sydney College of Fine Arts; The Computer Graphics College, and given a number of corporate lectures in Branding and Brand-Strategy.

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